Employer Satisfaction


I had no idea the level of support and service the Caring Workplace provided until I was personally faced with my own caregiving situation. I am proud to offer these invaluable services to the employees of Emerson Motors
— Jim Lindemann, Former Executive Vice President

Fred Weber Inc

The Caring Workplace is one of the best benefits we offer our employees. The Caring Workplace program provides our business with a cost effective solution that is felt both at the business and employee level. Their excellent team provides supportive serives that help employees gain access to resources that reduces their stress and improves their job performance
— Thomas P. Dunne, Former Sr. Chairman & CEO
The Caring Workplace program makes Southwestern Illinois a better place to live and work. Thank you for the outreach you provide to our community
— Dr. Dale Chapman President
I have used the service more than once over the past few years. Each time has been immensely helpful to me in taking care of both my mom and my dad. The program is undeniably a great benefit to employees
— Peggy S., Client